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TRANS – PARIS EXPRESS Festival, organized by
May 27 – June 10 2013, in Paris, Espace 59, rue de Rivoli.

here are the movies arrived for the Mondrianisation project. They have a reduced resolution for not being used for commercial purposes

The festival is organized in collaboration with Mondrian
Foundation from Netherlands, under the
MONDRIANISATION project, the term coming from
combining the two words: Mondrian and
Video and artists :

1. Limelight by Fred Maes (Belgium)
2. +- Lineair by Fred Maes (Belgium)
3. Kill Capture by Fred Maes (Belgium)
4. Saga of A City by Costis (Greece)
5. Electrogram by Costis (Greece)
6. Mondrianisation by Carolina Vinamata (Mexico)
7. Manifiesto II de "De Stijl" by Carolina Vinamata (Mexico)
8. Manifiesto III by Carolina Vinamata (Mexico)
9. The First Axis by Nijole Valadkeviciute (Lithuania)
10. The Second Axis by Nijole Valadkeviciute (Lithuania)
11. The Third Axis by Nijole Valadkeviciute (Lithuania)
12. Blip Bodhi by Lane Last (USA)
13. Swimming by Lane Last (USA)
14. Travels by Lane Last (USA)
15. Trans-Paris Express by Peter Tuzson-Berczeli (Hungary)
16. Trans-Paris Express by Peter Tuzson-Berczeli (Hungary)
17. Omaggio Officine Breda by Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy)
18. Sinaestethic Action by Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy)
19. 59 Seconds by Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy)
20. Plastik by Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy)
21. For the main control (Stupid time) by Mama Baer (Germany)
22. Rapunzel by Kommissar Hjuler Mama Baer (Germany)
23. On the Train by Jonathan Dilas, Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer (Germany)
24. Mondrian by Beatriz Albuquerque (Portugal)
25. Off by Daniela Chirion (Romania)
26. Domestic Maelstrom by Daniela Chirion (Romania)
27. Zoon Politikon by Daniela Chirion (Romania)
28. Un sacco in comune by Tonino Casula (Italy)
29. Un sacco in comune 3D by Tonino Casula (Italy)
30. E allora? by Tonino Casula (Italy)
31. E allora? 3D by Tonino Casula (Italy)
32. Mercato chiuso, bellezza by Tonino Casula (Italy)
33. Mercato chiuso, bellezza 3D by Tonino Casula (Italy)
34. Mondrianisation by Oana Pop (Romania)
35. Adieu Monerien or Love Machine by Carmen Mavrea (Romania)
36. Immersions II by Izabella Retkowska (Poland)
37. No title by Renee Bouws (Holland)
38. GlaciesGalaxia I by Lars Holmstrom (Finland)
39. NixHortus I by Lars Holmstrom (Finland)
40. ...Tag fur Tag... by Lars Holmstrom (Finland)
41. A Dream by Biljana Bilbiloska (Macedonia)
42. Monde de Rien by Marcus Rees Roberts (UK)
43. Final 2 by Catalin Lupu (Romania)
44. Final by Catalin Lupu (Romania)
45. Cristina_love by Catalin Lupu (Romania)
46. Monde rien by Carmen Mavrea (Romania)
47. No title by Suwan Methapisit (Thailand)
48. No title by Suwan Methapisit (Thailand)
49. No title by Suwan Methapisit (Thailand)
50. No title by Suwan Methapisit (Thailand)
51. Phone Call in Noir Pal by Jeremy Newman (USA)
52. Mondrianisation by Emilio Morandi (Italy)
53. Take a number Venezia by Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy)
54. Aerea by Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy)
55. Synaesthetic Action Aban by Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy)
56. Liquidity by Nicola Frangione (Italy)
57. Voice in Movement by Nicola Frangione (Italy)
58. Incorporalita by Nicola Frangione (Italy)
59. Reflaction by Nicola Frangione (Italy)
60. Video Poetry by Nicola Frangione (Italy)
61. Fasti Poiesis by Nicola Frangione (Italy)
62. La disparition du monde visible by Mircea Bochis (Romania)
63. Mondrian1 by Marcienne Martin (France)
64. Mondrian2 by Marcienne Martin (France)
65. Asi by Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser (Argentina)
66. La Luna by Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser (Argentina)
67. Mar by Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser (Argentina)
68. Mondriana by Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser (Argentina)
69. Mondrian-Red-Mondriana by Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser (Argentina)

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